Simple Pleasures.

Everyday we should have [at least] one thing we look forward to. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, or take a lot of time.  This “treat” will make your difficult days easier & your easy days: Wonderful.  

unnamed-11. Wash your sheets. Who doesn’t love the smell & feel of clean sheets!!  [Line drying adds to the experience].

2. Infuse your water. If you don’t drink enough water, you should start: Today. To make drinking H2O easier, experiment with different infusions.  [cinnamon sticks, cucumber, lemon, mint, orange, apple, basil…etc…] I believe water is the cure-all for everything!

3. Act like a kid. Some of the happiest people allow themselves to act like a kid. Search your memory bank for games you loved growing up. Most likely, you will still love them today! [ I happen to be the *All-Time, All-Star* at Skee ball & “Go Fish”]

4. Appreciate the beauty Planet Earth offers. Stop being “so busy” you miss the radiant colors of a sunset.  [set down the phone~nature is more beautiful when seen with your own eyes] Oh, and Trader Joe’s sells fresh flowers for $4.99. They are my favorite pick-me-up during the Winter.

5. Give thanks in all circumstances. God has the plan, not you. As hard as it is, believe the best is yet to come. Put on your big girl pants, stop with the ‘pitty potty’, and live.  [comfort zones are overrated.]

February: A Month of Fashion.

We are only half way through February & there has been so much fashion to keep up with! The 2015 Grammy Awards,  NBA All-Star All-Style Fashion Show [first-ever NBA fashion show showcasing some of the league’s most fashion-forward trends], New York Fashion Week & the usual shenanigans from celebrities dying for attention. We are loving the use of neutral colors, attention to fine detail, intricate textiles & of course…Bling!

Carolina Herrera making waves.

Carolina Herrera @ New York Fashion Week 2015

24K "Louboutim's" designed by Roper.

24K “Louboutim’s” Designer: Roper

Grammys 2015

Grammys 2015


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There is nothing I look forward to more every year than traveling.  It is one of my loves and passions.  I honestly wish I had more time to do it.  I do have to admit that I usually gravitate towards warmer places seeing as I live in the Northeast but Billings, Montana is still towards the top of my list.  Some of my other favorites are Cancun, MX, Sarasota, FL, and Bermuda.  I haven’t been to Europe in about 13 years now but it was incredible then.  I can only imagine its gotten better as I’ve grown older and I would probably appreciate it much more now.

I don’t typically travel very far over the holidays.  The chaos gets to be a bit too much and not worth the hassle.  Fortunately, for me, I come from a small family that lives close by and spend the holidays there.

I couldn’t imagine Christmas in a place that isn’t cold though.  I’m hoping for some snow this year!!! Happy Holidays everyone!!