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The Woman Behind Christine Shirley

 Paige has a BIG mission, a huge heart & a perfectly small space!

Truly, we don’t know which is cuter (or more chipper): the 11’ by 30’ jewel-box store in the heart of Wayne, PA or its nymph-like owner, Paige Sullivan.

She loves her pint-sized Wayne shop where she leads sewing classes and brings in guest instructors for crafty workshops.  

See, Paige has been sewing up a storm and dreaming of owning her own storefront for years. (For the record: Christine is Paige’s middle name and she grew up on Shirley Drive in Lebanon, PA).

The mixture of hard work, faith & a dream has made it all possible!

Paige attended Syracuse University where she majored in Fashion Design & Retail Management. While attending SU, she moved up the athletic ranks from a "walk on" freshman field hockey player to a division 1, full scholarship team captain her senior year. Until the birth of Christine Shirley Sewing & Design Studio, that was her greatest achievement!  

Paige spent the next 8+ years working for Anthropologie & is now beyond excited to take all of what she has learned and apply it to her very own magical space at 104 1/2 E. Lancaster Ave. Wayne, PA. 

Regulars at Wayne’s White Dog Cafe will recognize Paige – she was GM and worked there for over six years.  But as loyal as she’s been to the Dog + Anthropologie, it’s her cute-as-a-button sewing/craft shop that sets her heart aflutter.