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The Woman Behind Christine Shirley

 Paige has a BIG mission, a huge heart & a perfectly small shop and sewing studio side by side in Wayne, PA.

Truly, we don’t know which is cuter (or more chipper): her studio and store in the heart of Wayne, PA or its nymph-like owner, Paige Sullivan.

She loves her sweet sewing & designs studio (104 E. Lancaster Ave.) where she leads sewing classes, workshops, camps and parties. She also enjoys helping other designers/crafters/artisans by bringing in guest instructors for crafty workshops. Paige is currently watching a dream come true while developing her brand new shop opening September 2018. 

Christine Shirley Shop {104.5 E. Lancaster Ave.} is a thoughtfully curated boutique carrying handmade apparel and accessories as well as the work of other designers. Comfy, cozy and cute, easy-to-wear apparel, lovely jewelry, home decor and floral gifts can be found here. 

See, Paige has been sewing up a storm and dreaming of owning her own storefront/studio for years. (For the record: Christine is Paige’s middle name and she grew up on Shirley Drive in Lebanon, PA).

The mixture of hard work, faith & a dream has made it all possible!

Paige attended Syracuse University where she majored in Fashion Design & Retail Management. While attending SU, she moved up the athletic ranks from a "walk on" freshman field hockey player to a division 1, full scholarship team captain her senior year. Until the birth of Christine Shirley Sewing & Design Studio, that was her greatest achievement!  

Paige spent the next 8+ years working for Anthropologie & is now beyond excited to take all of what she has learned and apply it to her very own magical space at 104 1/2 E. Lancaster Ave. Wayne, PA. 

Regulars at Wayne’s White Dog Cafe will recognize Paige – she was GM and worked there for over six years.  But as loyal as she’s been to the Dog + Anthropologie, it’s her cute-as-a-button sewing/artisan life that sets her heart aflutter.


For more information about what types of counseling, consulting and coaching Dina Prevti, MA offers within the Christine Shirley Studio, please visit her website. Paige + Dina both have a strong passion for nurturing, encouraging and supporting their community + beyond.